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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

An Appeal To All the world especially Secretary General of UN

Four Princesses - Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher -  are being kept under house arrest in the palace outbuildings at Jeddah for 13 years. They had spoken to their father King Abdullah about the prevalent poverty,injustice and disrespect for human rights including to women in the Saudi Kingdom. Sahar and Jawaher living together are separated from their two other sisters. Until March 2014,they were permitted to go out once every two months under guard for shopping. But since mid-March 2014, as a consequence of their having complained to the foreign press of their situation, they are denied permission to go out at all. It is forbidden to bring them food or drink. Their supplies diminish, they are reduced to eating expired products and are on one meal a day. To drink, they distill sea water but that too is not enough for both of them, their two dogs and cat. Their health is deteriorating, but they have no access to medical assistance or any medication. If the situation continues, their fate is slow death.

We would like to remind the world that KSA is a part of the Human Rights body of UN. The appeals of their mother AlAnood AlFayez who lives now in London have fallen on deaf ears

We beg to all functionaries and heads of nations as well as UN officials and ambassadors to urgently take note of the pathetic situation and urge all human rights activists to do everything possible to force the king of Saudi Arabia to release his daughters!
We would like to remind all lovers of Democracy that they have a duty to oblige the Government of Saudi Arabia to comply with international conventions it has ratified!

We expect immediate involvement. Please be fast!

Accept our respectful greetings.

Kindly sign the e - petition :

              Petition in English

                   Petition in French

     Join  #FreeThe4   

Thanking you in advance.

Please see the video from 'Eye on Democracy'

Post Scripts:

1. The Monarch is continuing with his ways of Human Rights abuses which are shocking and devilish .

2.Their dog is no more. Please do whatever you can to save the women and their cat.